Drumkits and their sound effects

These are the drumkits you can choose from to create your songs with Drummy.io

A drum kit, also known as a drum set or trap set, is a collection of drums and percussion instruments that are played by a single musician. The typical drum kit includes a bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat, cymbals, and various toms. Online drum machines emulate the sound and functionality of a drum kit, allowing users to create and produce music digitally. These virtual drum kits may include a variety of sounds and features such as different drum kits, the ability to customize the layout, and the ability to adjust volume and tempo. They are widely used by music producers, composers, and hobbyists for music production, recording, and live performance.

  1. Realistic
    Just a subset of the Salamander Open Source drumkit samples.

    You should use this drumkit if your goal is to have a backing track or real drum reference to practice your instrument. Maybe you are a teacher and want to show a student how to correctly play some rudiment.

    Effects included: kick, snare, close hihat, crash, ride, bell, cowbell, high tom, low tom | Download drumkit

  2. Synth
    De facto drumkit to create electronic loops and test many different approaches to the same beat

    Ideal for producers, but you can easily build a solid with this drumkit.

    Effects included: electro kick, metallic snare, hihat, digital buzz, high key, synth crash, click, high tom, low tom | Download drumkit

  3. BeatBox
    The Street-Smart Beatbox Drumkit.

    Either you get it or you don't. No Sick Rhythms without this one.

    Effects included: booming, snare, scratch, synth, percussion | Download drumkit

  4. Flamenco
    Claps? Got it. Cajón? Of course.

    If you ever been to a flamenco dance class, or any other dance class to be honest, you already need this drumkit in your life.

    Effects included: hand claps, spanish cajón, shaker, castañuelas | Download drumkit

  5. Nostalgia
    Random sound effects we found funny.

    Are you an epic producer? Bet you didn't know a fart sounds exactly like a lit tuba.

    Effects included: shouts, vinyl scratch, laser, siren, whooop, toing, realistic fart, dog bark | Download drumkit

The last effect is usable on every drumkit, the Spatializer effect. You can choose from wet (use a lot of spatial effect) or dry (don't apply so much). Spatial audio is a technology that creates a more immersive and realistic sound experience by simulating sound in 3D space. It makes audio feel like it's coming from different directions, distances, and heights.

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