Rhythm Training Tool

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  • 3-4 (triplets)
  • Cuban Son Clave
  • Reggaeton Clave
  • South American Murga Clave
  • Paradiddle
  • Fill 1+4
  • Alternating Accented Rudiment

Set your practicing tempo by editing the inputbox, or just tap it in using the Tap Tempo button

Tick the box if you want to tap with keys or mouse. Leave it blank for mic or MIDI.

Choose your difficulty level. Easy mode is less precise. Whiplash mutes when you're halfway there.
Practice Tab:

1. Start the practice and check the mic monitor.

2. Follow the rhythm correctly until the progress bar fills up completely.

3. You can track your best time and try again to challenge yourself to be better each time.


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⭐ Best Time
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"The rhythm training tool on Drummy.io is amazing for practicing rudiments. The instant feedback helps me improve quickly."

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Alex M.

"Changing tempo and using different input methods has made my practice sessions so much more effective. The drum machine is also fantastic for creating beats."

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Jordan S.


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