Privacy Policy

We don’t store any of your data.

We care about your privacy.

When you make a composition on Drummy, you can’t save your work in the traditional way, such as by signing up, creating an account, clicking a save button, and then saving your composition to your account or our servers.

Instead, you “save” it by copying, pasting, and sharing the URL to the composition. The composition is actually coded or saved into that URL, after the # or hashtag sign, which is why you’re able to share your work.

However, this code that comes after the # can’t actually be saved by our servers, meaning we can’t keep any data on you. Only you and the people you share the link with will be able to see and enjoy your work.

Any data we do collect is non-identifiable, and only for debugging purposes, so that when something breaks, we’ll know what it was and how to fix it.

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