Drum patterns

How to Write Nice Drum Patterns

We might not be able to give you a real drum lesson, but we can give you some tips on how to write a catchy drum pattern with Drummy!

The Good Kick

That good ol’ bass. All great patterns have a great kick. But not all kicks are the same. There is one kick that will rule all the other kicks. The root kick.

What is a root kick?

Typically, a root kick is just the first note of a beat. (In Drummy, a beat is similar to a measure in written music. Like measures, beats can have more than one note in them.) At the moment of the root kick, a song’s melody usually changes. Try using the root kick when you’re about to change up your drum pattern in a big way, or when you’re about to change up the melody of a song you’re writing.

What’s up with the snare?

Great patterns are varied, with high notes (sounds) and low ones. The snare is a high note. But don’t use too much of it. It’s what people hear the most, and too much can be overwhelming to the ears!

The Hi-Hat

Sometimes called a charleston, the hi-hat is a type of double-cymbal. In a real drum setup, you can get a wide variety of sounds out of it. For right now, Drummy only has 1 hi-hat sound...but it’s still pretty fun!

How much hihat is too much?

That’s a tough one. It mostly just depends on what your song needs: Faster songs can handle more hi-hat. Slower ones can use less. We tend to think less is more when it comes to the hi-hat,but not if you start playing with advanced patterns like syncopated rhythms, where more hi-hat sounds better.

Crash, Cowbell, Ride, and Toms

These instruments add warmth and melody to your drum patterns. Play around with them in Drummy and see how it changes the sound and tone of your composition!

Well this is too much talking, let’s see some patterns in action

Basic patterns are nice

No need for fancy stuff, sometimes less is more

This just adds a kick to the default pattern

Now get out of that comfort zone

But not as easy as it sounds

I’m not trying to fool anyone!

What about another challenge?

Can you fool the dummy drums?

Other structures are possible

So don’t fear changing the length and the figure

Find what works best for you

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Start dummy drumming now!