Drumming lessons

Master the Beat and Start Your Musical Journey

Learn essential techniques and foundational skills in a beginner-friendly way. Let's explore the world of drumming together and unleash your rhythmic potential! Grab your drumsticks and let's get started!

  1. 1

    Didactic tools

    Let's talk a bit on how the lessons format and tools you'll need | Go to the first lesson

  2. 2

    Basic drumming concepts

    Gain insight on how and why sound behaves | Go to the second lesson

  3. 3

    Hands on drumsticks

    Learn about drumsticks and basic hands technique, and also basic rudiments to start leveling up your drumming game | Go to the third lesson

  4. 4

    Parts of a drumset and correct posture

    What makes a drumset great, and how to position yourself in front of it | Go to the fourth lesson

  5. 5

    Warming up, and cooling down

    Playing drums is almost an aerobic excersice. Learn to correctly prepare for it | Go to the fifth lesson

  6. 6

    Limbs independence while playing

    Tips and tricks for learning how to isolate hands and feet | Go to the sixth lesson